Stay sustainable, from head to toe, with bamboo apparel.

Most mainstream sleepwear and loungewear garments are manufactured from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, or rayon. These are non-biodegradable and have a shorter lifespan than their natural fibre counterparts. What’s more, the production process uses petrochemicals and more energy that in turn generates higher waste, and can lead to microplastic water pollution each time they are washed (yes, even after purchase) – eek! 

Apart from the above (and the fact that they aren’t very ‘skin friendly’), there is a superior option found in nature’s own super fibre – bamboo. 

It’s incredible to think those woody stalks can be transformed into smooth yarn. There are numerous personal benefits to your health (and skin) that come from wearing bamboo apparel (which you can read more about here: The Benefits of Bamboo Garments), but why exactly is bamboo clothing so much better for the environment?


Unlike other materials which are harder to produce or grow, there are over a thousand bamboo species in the world and they grow quickly, really quickly – in fact bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world thanks in part to being highly self-sufficient. Basically, it doesn’t require the copious amounts of water other fibres (even some natural ones) need to grow. 

It’s one of the few plants that keep up with deforestation, whereas most trees require 30-40 years to mature, bamboo only needs 5!

Plus, its extensive root system prevents soil erosion and it continues to grow new shoots once harvested. 


Bamboo can be grown organically without the use of chemicals, however even when it is turned into a fibre for clothing use, the chemical solvents are broken down into salt and water at the end of the processing.  It is entirely possible to achieve no traces of harmful chemicals in the end product.  

This is both much more environmentally friendly, as well as being much friendlier to your skin (especially us sensitive gals)!


We offer incredibly comfortable, timeless, relaxed silhouettes for sleepwear and loungewear to stay sustainable in design too.  

For the softest, easy-to-care-for material, in classic, chic styles you can wear again and again, we highly recommend making the switch to bamboo. 

You’ll not only be amazed at how luxurious it feels and how well it wears, but you will also be making a sustainable choice that helps fight the war on waste.


Pictured: The Elsie Dress in DarkOlive or Navy 

Written by Kirsten VL.
Image by Bamboo Body.


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