Benefits of bamboo garments

The Benefits Of Bamboo Garments.

To us, there are only a few things that can eclipse a deep, peaceful night’s rest.

As we’re sure you know, sleep is not just an essential ritual and opportunity to relax and recharge our ‘batteries’, but also to one which enables our bodies to regenerate and heal.

We truly believe in pairing this with beautiful materials and fabrications that enhance the process.

By using premium, natural fibres in our collections, we can ensure you maximise your potential for a restful sleep and also minimise some of the not-so-nice effects that can come from wearing synthetic based material sleepwear.


Plant Based Goodness

We all know the bamboo plant – but how does it become clothing? Simply put, a natural enzyme is used to break down the plant and it is then spun to create a luxurious, soft yarn. Sourced sustainably, this process has less of an environmental impact that synthetically manufactured fabrics do. 

It Just FEELS Better!

It’s true! Bamboo fabric is non-itch and extremely soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive ones which love this fabric. 

Just Breathe

Other popular sleepwear and loungewear fabrics like satin or readily available polyester blend ones often cause you to sweat more and then trap you in a ‘synthetic sandwich’ between your skin and the garment. Bamboo provides greater air flow and wicks away moisture from the body (even more efficiently than cotton does) allowing this to naturally evaporate. 

Great for ALL seasons

It is hot or cold outside? It doesn’t matter! Bamboo fibres react to your body temperature and are fantastic at naturally regulating this to help keep you cool in hot weather, and toasty warm in cooler temperatures!

Safe & Comfortable

Bamboo is kind to your skin – it doesn’t irritate and is a hypoallergenic fabric (allergy suffers unite!). This means it is capable of repelling mould, mildew and dust mites. The material also contains natural antibacterial properties and is odour resistant so you will wakeup smelling fresh!

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Written by Kirsten VL.
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