About Us

Sleeping and taking it slow is such an integral component to a balanced lifestyle, yet many of us are constantly on the go with no consideration for the importance of rest and relaxation. These slow moments that enable us to be still and calm provide the ability to look inward and reflect, to gain wisdom and clarity.

At Ever Sage, these slow moments have become a treasured ritual for us, as it’s the tonic required for restoring and rejuvenating the mind and body, a theme that reflects our core values. Our collection of dreamy sleepwear, loungewear and lifestyle products have been curated in order to honour that ritual. We have partnered with some incredible Australian brands and suppliers to offer well crafted luxurious sleepwear and loungewear pieces that are designed and made with purpose.

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Our Store

Our online store was born from a desire to ensure luxurious sleepwear and thoughtful products were readily available and all in one place. Being Australian owned and operated, our online store is a curation of incredible local brands that will inspire you to elevate your daily doings. You will find all the details you need in regards to sizing and fabrications on each product page. We are currently only shipping within Australia, and you can find all the information about shipping and delivery times here.

If you have any other questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach us via our contact form.